Prime Payroll

Prime Payroll is designed to streamline the administration and management of employees payroll. The system is very reliable fast, easy and flexible enough to suit the needs of a small, medium or large business enterprise. It has user definable allowances, deductions etc.and takes care of the leave and loan records of the employees. All statutory reports of Provident fund, E.S.I.C., Profession Tax,Income Tax etc. are generated by the system. This software is compatible with swap card machines and can be interfaced with any ERP or accounting software



Administrator : Administrator holds the all rights and responsibility for accessing full features of this Prime Payroll Software

Login & User Rights : As this software is a multi-user application, every user has its own user ID and Password with appropriate feature rights

Track Data Facility : Each and every data manipulation on database by every login user is tracked by this facility, hence monitoring provides

Payroll User Format : Payroll structure can be easily customized & formatted by the user, depending on their company’s rules


Company : ‘N’ number of companies with company code can be created and corresponding employee payroll can be handled in this single software.

Employee : * basic information about an Employee such as - Name, Emp Code, Fathers name, all Contact Addresses, Email Addresses, Mobile Numbers etc.
* complete Employee Salary Structure details covering all Earning and Deduction heads and Benefits.
* all information about Employee Dependents that is required from Payroll and Reimbursement perspectives.
* important information like Bank Details, Account Number, PF and ESIC Number, PAN Number, Blood Group etc.
* important information of past employment including Employer Name, Salary Structure and Positions held.

Business Clients : details on business clients so as keep interactive communication from company

Payroll Transaction

Salary Type : you can choose salary type as Employee-wise or Designation-wise or Business Clients-wise

Attendence & Leave : you create masters as per your organization's Leave and Attendance Policies.

Deductions : you can create any number of Loan Types like Advance, Loans, Mess, Uniform, Fine, Others etc... and define periods and auto calculation of EMI. Further provision to reschedule loan by period or amount.

Allowances : It has an unique feature whereby you can set formulas so that each earning head can be set as an Percent of Basic or a fixed Amount, DA, HRA, Conveyence, WA, OA etc...

Benefits : Benefits like P.F, ESIC, Insurance, Bonus, Arrears, Incentives, OT, Gratuity etc... for each and every employee can be easily customised based on organisation polices.

Paybill : Salary for employees can be easily processesed by choosing employee code / name and by giving attendence Prime Payroll automatically process predefined pay structure, deductions, benefits and results net pay .

Query of Employees : Complete earnings, deductions, benefits, attendence, bank details of employee can be viewed in a grid monthly vise in a total summary of business year by simply using employee ID number or name .

Business Clients Billing

Order Entry : Business orders from clients for employees under different categories, quantity and rate can be easily keyed under respective billing clients

Monthly Bill : Billing for the service provided to the clients can be generated with automated order number and description, facility for including/excluding service tax and cess. Print options for both Forms & Letter heads.

Contract Bill : Billing for clients seeking service for contract period can be generated under another screen with abovesaid same features

Business Clients Payments

Clients Payments : Payments from clients by cash/cheque/dd/other formats handled in single/multipe entries for single/multiple bills can be processed easily and keeps every data manipulation.

Outstanding Dues : Outstanding dues from clients due to non-payment or cheque return can be easily found out with this facility

Balance Sheet : Prime payroll provides facility of balance sheet between client payment and employees salary

Material Management System

Stocks Purchase : Stocks purchased for the company purpose can be keyed and maintained with this facility

Stock-in & Stock-out : Each & every stock from stores to usage and vice-versa maintained in time & date basis

Stock Return : Defective stocks returned to the vendor

Mega Search Engine

* Search of an database records can be done with maximum probabilty by using any one of key words
like ID, Name, Department, Qualification, Location, Age, Experience etc...

* Category-wise & Individual record outputs


* All reports are exportable to Word, Excel, Mail and other popular forms
* Powerful sorting capabilities in reports that enable you to sort data as per your requirements
* Facility to take out reports for all Offices or Branch Wise
* Facility to select period "From" and "To" for each report
* While taking out printouts facility select one Employee or many Employees or All Employees
* Facility to select any printer while taking printouts.

Salary Statement
Employees Payslip
Total Pay Summary
PF Monthly Statement
ESIC Monthly Statement
Master Roll List
PF Eligibility Register
PF 3a, 6a Statement
PF Yearly Statement
ESIC Form 6 Statement
Contribution Statement
Gratuity CheckList
Recovery Statement
Bonus Statement
Bonus Bank Statement
Insurance Deleting List
Loans & Advance Report
Deduction Report
Total Bill Summary
Client Invoice
Total Strength Statement
Material Stock Register & etc............

Screen Shots